8. kyu – white belt – Shotokan Karate – preorder

Ondřej Charvát · 20. 10. 2022

Become a karateka, learn to defend yourself.

Learn the basics of the ancient martial art – karate.

What awaits you

  • help and advice with the beginnings of karate
  • techniques for white belt training
  • selection of the most important information
  • 24/7 access to lessons for one year
  • guidance, consultation and feedback support
  • group for course participants
  • help with preparing for the white belt exam

Help with a white belt in your pocket

The course is optimized for mobiles, tablets, televisions and any computer.

Who is the course instructor – Ondra:

Ing. Ondřej Charvát

Founder of Karate 365

4th dan, trainer, president of the karate club, competitor and representative of the Czech Republic in several organizations.

See you in the course.

About Instructor

Ondřej Charvát

"I help others on their journey in karate training, which becomes for them a source of joy from movement and improvement of body and mind."

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Course Includes

  • 24 Lessons