Yearly Karate Training Diary – E-book – EN


Specialized training diary for karate and other martial arts for daily training for one year.

In the training diary, you will get space for your self-reflection, registration of your trainings for better and more effective planning on 292 pages.





What can you do with the book?

  • Daily record of training and progress
  • Weekly training planning
  • Weekly diet planning
  • Weekly performance testing
  • Monthly planning of training cycles
  • Annual targets plan

How do you know it’s for you?

  • You want to prepare effectively – to have a clear goal
  • You want to develop in karate and other sports
  • ou want to keep track of your workouts and be motivated
  • You really want to move forward in terms of performance
  • Do you like training diaries and this is TOP!


What do the karate practitioners say about the training diary?


I am currently testing the diary and I have to say that I am very satisfied with its contents.


Even as a coach, I want to monitor my own progress, I’m testing the diary so far and I’m excited.


I like to follow goals and steps towards them. The diary offers me exactly that, I’m testing so far and I already know that I will want an annual diary.


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